Thursday, February 21, 2013

Online free IDE : sourceLair

The cloud based IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that has been designed to make coding platform-free, robust, easy and a lot more fun. It supports a wide variety of languages and aims at including every feature that a programmer may need.

Fast and Intuitive Interface:

Start coding right away. Without even bothering with creating an account or installing any kind of software on your computer. sourceLair gives you the ability to start coding in seconds, with its fast and intuitive User Interface.

Full Featured Editor:

sourceLair's customizable editor lets you continue coding on the cloud as you used to do offline. Select among a great variety of editor themes, customize editor size, tab width and feel like you are coding on your traditional editor.

Code Execution:

Run your code as you would offline on your computer with a single click, whether you are using Windows, Linux, Mac or a portable device. Select among some of the most famous programming languages out there and test your software in an instance.

File Management:

sourceLair allows you to access and manipulate your files as you would do offline, using the IDE of your choice. Easy drag n drop and keyboard shortcuts functionality will make you feel like you never left your desktop.

Code Sharing:

Share your files with everyone in an instance. Share your code on Facebook, Twitter or send it by email and show everyone the great software you can write.

SourceLair is also available in Android Application. You may also like  for more stories.

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